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2022 / 11 / 14

Trends in design and development of web pages - 2022 Do not stay behind!

Trends in design and development of web pages - 2022 Do not stay behind!

In this article we leave you the trends that are taking it this 2022 , because you can also keep your website updated and fashionable . If you need support in the redesign of your website, do not hesitate to contact us !

It is valuable that you have a page that draws the attention of users when they enter it, since we are in a highly competitive electronic commerce system, if you fall behind, it will be your competition who makes the sale and as we already know, it is the small details that that make the difference.

A visually attractive design will generate a positive emotion in your visitors, this will greatly help to convert from visit to sale.

In this area, making a difference and standing out is the key. Here is a guide to key concepts to keep a website at the forefront of design:

  1. dark mode
  2. 3d elements
  3. big typography
  4. scrolling
  5. minimalism
  6. glass effect
  7. Gradients
  8. Granules

dark mode

This design has been gaining more and more popularity, since it is ideal for improving the user experience by reducing the discomfort caused by light colors and screen glare.

Additionally, Google claims that this mode manages to save a large percentage of the device's battery.

The design of a dark web page will provide a feeling of modernity, elegance, mystery and digitization. Use it wisely if this is the image you want to project with your brand.

Some references of large companies that have opted for this style are Apple, Spotify, Netflix, Instagram and Facebook. While some have it by default, others add it as an option, so the user can decide according to what they prefer, which is also a good option.

3D elements

Ideal for applying it to objects or products in an interactive way, for example to show it in 360 rotation and provide greater realism when the user navigates the web page.

This style will also give your brand an image of modernity and digitization.

Here the objective is to apply it in animated material and illustrations.

big typography

This design is characterized by using titles or headings in the hero, the idea is that these letters take all the prominence of the content, more than the images or videos.

If you decide to use this style, you must define very well the typography that goes with your brand and the different possible combinations to have a good hierarchy of these. This will reflect your brand identity.


This type of design has taken more and more strength due to getting used to the use of mobile devices. This consists of scrolling through the page without clicking, that is to say that when you "go down, up or move to the sides" you are scrolling, it also happens when you use your finger on touch screens.

Scrolling can be done both vertically and horizontally and mix different speeds.


Here the clean and simple appearance, light colors and Sans Serif fonts predominate.

It is suitable for different types of business due to its easy preparation, which is why it is also ideal for those entrepreneurs who need to start with a basic e-commerce without complexities.

One of the main advantages is that by not including too many elements, loading time decreases, thus also improving the user experience.

glass effect

As the name says, it corresponds to the glass effect and brings a sense of depth to the website. In simple words, it is used to highlight an object giving it a more realistic appearance, similar to 3D design.


This design is characterized by using colors with a degradation effect, it can be in fonts, logos or in the background of the web page.

Multiple color combinations are often used, from neons to black and white.

The brand that caused a stir with this trend was Instagram and its logo change.


It brings an image of naturalness and at the same time elegance to your brand.

As with the gradient, you can choose where you want to apply it and artistic elements are usually used.

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